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The Talent Agency: The Soundtrack

Hello, runners. As the world of The Talent Agency is inspired as much my music as it is afrofuturism and queer punk culture, it felt like a must to collate all the music that inspires the episodes for the full (incredibly eclectic) …

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Review: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

This review was originally written for 3DS Blessed, found here. Videogame sequels walk a tightrope – especially ones in popular series. Developers have to decide if they want to build upon the past experience or forge a new one, and both choices …

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Truth or Ludum Dare: How I Survived the Game Jam

This feature was originally written for One Hit Pixel, found here. Over the last month, I have transformed. I went into the cocoon as a mere journalist, and emerged as something strange, new and beautiful. A games developer. The best part is, …

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