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Pizzapocalypse 20XX (Made for Ludum Dare 27)

A retrofuture visual novel, mashing high fantasy with modern subculture. Made for Ludum Dare 27, with the theme ’10 Seconds’. You are Alana Sorayama, codename Neon Berserker. A bounty hunter by trade, you are about to confront an evil Glam Necromancer and …

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Truth or Ludum Dare: How I Survived the Game Jam

This feature was originally written for One Hit Pixel, found here. Over the last month, I have transformed. I went into the cocoon as a mere journalist, and emerged as something strange, new and beautiful. A games developer. The best part is, …

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Thought Police (Made for Ludum Dare 29)

Thought Police is a neon-noir visual novel made for the 29th Ludum Dare game jam, made around the theme ‘Below the Surface’. Out of over 2,000 entries we scored 54th in the overall rankings! Content warning for blood and a handful of …

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