The Talent Agency Mission 2 – Sticky Drama

Sticky drama is the girl for me / She’s so sticky from the memories / You know it’s so faded / They’re here to seem famous / Today she’s dead

In the year 2077, technology has improved society as swiftly as capitalism has crippled it. In these trying times with utopia just barely out of reach, the populace have turned to the world of entertainment to keep themselves on the level.

But behind every film, every TV show and every album, there’s likely something seedy behind the scenes…

An AI popstar that composes her own music. A mysterious hacker with a camcorder for ahead. A swarm of Roombas searching a hotel with twin realities.

Criminals-for-hire Spurz, Nano Ranger and the Neon Hand came to Apex Aparthotel to steal a mixtape, but get mixed up in much more than that.

Podcast theme music is ‘Ammonia Clouds’ by Blank Banshee. Episode recap music is ‘The Chase’ by Tryezz.

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