Thought Police (Made for Ludum Dare 29)

Thought Police, Ludum Dare, Indie Games, Nathan Blades, Aryn Clark

Thought Police is a neon-noir visual novel made for the 29th Ludum Dare game jam, made around the theme ‘Below the Surface’.

Out of over 2,000 entries we scored 54th in the overall rankings!

Content warning for blood and a handful of f-words.

Thought Police, Indie games, Ludum Dare, Visual Novel, Nathan Blades, Aryn Clark

You play as Alexis Brambilla – a detective inspector for the richest and most technologically advanced police force in the world. You have been given access to their latest research project – an interrogation room that can give you real-time feedback on a subject’s emotions.

What might you uncover when you put it to the test?

There are 3 bad endings and one true ending to find! Getting them isn’t hard, but I hope you enjoy the experience, irreverent dialogue and probably unsubtle political standpoints.

Words, coding, and backgrounds by Nathan Blades. Character art by Aryn Clark. Music is from, and a brief clip from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Sound effects are from

Made in Ren’Py. Check out for more information about the engine.

You can download the game directly from Ars Lingua here, or you can got to the Ludum Dare submission page.